Recorded Offline Videos Of Reasoning Classes For All Competitive Exams – by Shashi Karna Sir

Foundation to advanced reasoning classes –

Reasoning logically is a unique skill for anyone seeking to grow in professional life. SDEDUCOM helps candidates to tackle problems, handle uncertainty, verify claims, and assess situations carefully to ensure the decision you make is in your best interest.

Salient features to help you use reasoning logically and with ease –

1) 100+ Recorded classes –
SDEDUCOM upload videos of online sessions after the classes are over. Students can watch the videos if they have missed their online or offline class on any particular topic. The benefits of backup video are you can rewind or forward it according to your need.

2) PDF notes –
We provide you with PDF notes to help you learn things theoretically also. In the form of a PDF, you will always have notes if you have any doubts regarding any matter in reasoning.
3) Videos –
SDEDUCOM uploads videos that help students to learn in their free time. Students can clear their doubts with the help of a video.
4) Live chats –
Students can ask any questions during the online classes regarding the topic of the subject. Live chats give you exact and frequent answers to your questions.
5) Four months validity –
The duration of this course is of four months. In this duration, we help you increase your IQ power by solving various questions, which forces you to think widely and use your logic.
Topics Under The Logical Reasoning –
1) Alphanumeric Series
2) Reasoning Analogies
3) Blood Relation
4) Calender
5) Clock
6) Coding-Decoding
7) Data Sufficiency
8) Decision Making
9) Dice
10) Directions
11) Input/Output
12) Mirror and Water Images
13) Odd One Out
14) Picture Series and Sequences
15) Paper Folding
16) Puzzles
17) Order and Ranking
18) Seating Arrangement
19) Statement, Assumptions, and Conclusion
20) Syllogism
21) Embedded Image
22) Cause and Effect
23) Figure Matrix
24) Statement Analysis
25) Shape Construction
26) Critical path
27) Cubes and Cuboids

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