Live Classes Of Samanya Hindi For UPSSSC VDO And UP LEKPAL Competitive Exams – by Kumar Raghvendra Sir

Hindi is the National language of India. It is also the second most spoken language in the world. With immense popularity, there is growing employment in the field of the Hindi language. To be more particular, the functional and applied side of Hindi has the full potential of job opportunities. In-state/central government exam, candidates will perform their jobs in the rural areas, and the citizens of Uttar Pradesh speak English. It is compulsory to have a good command of Samanya Hindi.

Salient Features Provided To Students To Learn Samanya Hindi With Ease –

1) Live Classes –

Live classes help candidates to interact with the teachers. We provide you with the daily live batches, which you can attend just by a single click, comfortably sitting at home.

You only need a good internet connection and wait for the online class to come to your home.

2) PDF Notes –

SDEDUCOM also provides you with PDF notes in the form of a document that you can download and learn in your free time when you have any doubts regarding any topic. PDFs are consist of the previous year’s questions and answers which will help in any competitive exam preparation.

3) Backup Videos –

We also provide you with our online class videos, which we upload after the online classes are over. So the students can also watch the videos later on when they have any doubts.

4) Live Chat –

During the live classes, students can directly talk to their teachers. Through the chats and comments section, candidates can ask a question. Clear their doubts and queries.

5) Six Months Validity –

The duration of this course is of six months. During this process, we focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates to help them improve and excel in the particular field Of Samanya Hindi.

Lists Of Topics And Syllabus Of Samanya Hindi Language For Any Competitive Exams –

1) Samas

2) Treaties

3) Factor

4) Antonym

5) Juice

6) Ornament

7) Word Formation

8) Phrases

9) Spelling

10) Promise

11) Synonyms

12) Similar and Identical Sentence

13) Modification

14) Gender

15) Proverbs and Idioms

16) Synonyms of Error

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