Live Batches Of General English Language For All Competitive Exams – By – DV Abhimanyu Sir

Having a good knowledge of General English can lead you to fetch good scores in any exam. If aspirants are willing to apply for various competitive exams must go through the general understanding of General English, as English is a critical part of the syllabus.

English section is the most scoring section, as it does not involve any tricks or formulas to remember. And it takes lesser time to answer the question in correlation to other subjects.

Our coaching institute helps you hold a good command of the General English language. As English is a subject which will be helpful for you in every field you go. General English is a must subject for better communication and conversation.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable, and get ready for the classroom to come to you.

Best Features provided to students to learn General English with ease-

1) Live classes –

Our live virtual classes allow students to interact with the teachers through chats and comments. Live classes make learning more dynamic, encouraging, and debate, where students get quick answers to their questions and queries.

2) PDF notes –

We provide you PDFs with a wide variety of questions and answers frequently asked in competitive exams improves performances by taking students’ assessments. Quizzes in the PDFs permit students to discover gaps in their knowledge and focus labor on the unknown parts.

3) Backup videos –

We also provide you with a wide variety of our online session backup videos. If a student misses any video in the live class, they can watch it later. We upload all the backup videos of the live classes.

4) Live chat –

During the live classes, you can chat with us and ask any question related to the topic, clear your doubts, and you can get suggestions on how to study.

5) 6 months duration –

The duration of this course is of 6 months. During the learning, we will help you consider your weak and strong points and help you make them better and stronger. After the course, you will feel more confident and knowledgeable.

Syllabus General English –

1) Grammar

  • Noun, pronoun
  • Article, Verb, Adverb
  • Preposition, Conjunction
  • Subject-verb agreement.
  • Voice – (Active/passive)
  • Narration – (Direct/Indirect)

2) Verbal synonyms

  • Antonyms
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Phrasal verbs
  • One word substitution etc.

3) Comprehension

  • Para jumbles
  • Sentence rearrangement
  • Cloze test
  • Reading comprehension
  • Starters/Connectors
  • Sentence/Paragraph completion
  • Sentence improvement etc.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable, and get ready for the classroom to come to you.
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